Adaptive Group Managment

Keep your personal or business life organized with AdaptAdmin. We offer a wide array of options from task, client, document, chat, calendar and timeclick managment to name a few. Create/join unlimited groups and start sharing.

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What Is AdaptAdmin?

We offer custom management systems to help you organize and run your bussiness. Our systems are interconnected with your e-commerce site to help you sell your products online and easily manage them. The first step in starting a new project is the planning stage. During the planning stage we will work with you to find out exactly what you are looking to achieve from the project and what will be involved in reaching those goals. We will also discuss pricing, hosting options (including domain name setup), estimated project completion time, security preferences and project management options.

Key Features

A short list of features we offer with AdaptAdmin.

Group Managment

Start by creating your own group whether that be your business or other organization. Stay interconnected with group members including employees and clients. Organize, share, plan and display your ideas, memos, and events.

Personal Groups

AdaptAdmin is meant to be used to organize and collaborate in you personal life as well. For example a family group could be created to share your favorite meal recipies, plan trips, display photos, share documents and find out your loved ones' holiday gift wish lists.

Office Managment

AdaptAdmin is a great free alternative to manage your business. We offer group chat, scheduleing, timeclock, client/patient managment, calendar events, document sharing, invoicing and much more.


Each group created in the AdaptAdmin system can be customized to fit your needs by installing/removing plugins and configuring the group layout. We also offer pre-made layouts to save the trouble of setting everything up.

Always Improving

AdaptAdmin is evergrowing with constant updates and additions to plugins, layouts, security, spam prevention and every other aspect to make everything easier and safer for you.


Data loss is never a fun situation, expecially with buisness related data. AdaptAdmin has options for manually backing up your data any time you would like.

The Future

We are constantly working to add more functionality to AdaptAdmin, our plans for the future include education, shopping, marketplace, web analitics, revenue managment, local events and much more.


For all those web designers out there AdaptAdmin comes with website integration to display client/patient registration forms, appointment scheduling, product catalog/shopping or load the entire AdaptAdmin system directly on your own website. These options will be released soon.